Friday, October 19, 2012

A Communion Meal

Charles Strobel, the founder of Room in the Inn, says that the best way to describe the work of Room in the Inn is a communion meal. He says, "A communion meal is a meal that has sharing and intimacy. It reaches the depths of the soul and the heights of mystery. It is called sacred by people of religion. Unlike God, however, no one ever doubts or needs to prove its existence. A communion meal is experienced the way we experience the sunsets and the mountain tops."

I believe that Room in the Inn serves the same purpose here on Belmont's campus. If you have not had the chance to experience a meal with the homeless, we invite you to join our table! There is nothing like sharing your story at the dinner table and hearing the stories of those around you. You cannot leave unchanged.

If you are interested in coming for dinner one night, email us at There is always room at the table.

You can read more from Charles Strobel here: A Communion Meal.

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